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Mountain Hiking & Climbing Safaris Uganda

Uganda is a unique designation for mountain hikers. The Pearl of Africa offers premier destinations like the Rwenzori Mountains – also historically known as the mountains of the moon, Mount Elgon in the East of the country on the border with Kenya and Mount Sabinyo, Mount Mahinga and Mount Muhavura in the Southwest of Uganda in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Hiking the rwenzori

Mgahinga Gorilla Park offers you the most doable in the shortest of time.  Each Volcano can be climbed in one day with a guide to the peaks where the views are breath taking.  The latter also requires the smallest amount of equipment since each climb - hike is a one day venture.

At Africa Adventure safaris, we offer students several mountain climbing options, but we are flexible in designing a climb and hike that keeps your schedule in mind and of course your budget, age and interests.
Enjoy Uganda's Mountains and Volcanoes, spend a day climbing or hiking up a volcano, take a min-Rwenzori Mountain hike, hike in the foothills of the Rwenzori around places such as Ruboni, or day hike around Mount Elgon or a 4 day climb.

Rwenzori Hiking Packages

8 Days Mountain Rwenzori Hiking Tour

10 Days Hiking the Mountain of the Moon