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Short term volunteering projects in Uganda

Add a special light to your Uganda tour by volunteering & adding smile to the lives of local community school children who need classrooms, toilets, water tanks, food, sustainability projects, reading materials, books,pens, pencils, food, medicine, clothing, name it ... all of it can change a life during your uganda safari

While planning your Uganda tour, including the Gorillas, chimpanzee, river Nile rafting, Ruwenzori hiking. It’s advisable while visiting Uganda to think about the locales, Uganda being a third world country just recovering from political instabilities. You have read about the plight of AIDS orphans in Uganda, the high poverty rates, you have seen reports on your TV screen that wrenched your heart and soul and you wanted to do something, but you were far away in the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe.  Now you are coming to Uganda and your safari plan is all put together, you see your visit to the Pearl of Africa as an opportunity to give back, to give of yourself to bring a change even in the smallest way to those in need in Uganda.  A feeling, not inspired by pity, but by a deep compassion that desires to empower others and bring about  a life-changing differences, form lasting friendships that would never be possible by simply visiting the Wildlife Parks and Scenic Wonders of Uganda.

Opportunities for such Volunteerism exist in Uganda; usually ranging from a day to longer periods of time and can be added within your tour programme depending on the regions you will be visiting - from your skills and background or passion.  It is an investment in a portion of your holiday in Uganda – a portion where you give back – impact a school, an orphanage, a clinic, a village, a slum.

A large percentage of Uganda’s population is made up of children – over 50% of the population is below 15 years of age – in Kampala the country’s capital 60% of the youth population lives in slums. Living in a slum means that there is a lack of clean water (many childhood deaths could be simply be avoided by the simple use of clean water – the problem is not enough water – but the costs of water are hight yet they have no means of earning).  Life is simply tough for many Ugandans – most of which live below 1 USD per day – un-employment in slums is over 60%.
At the moment, northern Uganda is rebuilding its infrastructure after a long war that came to an end in 2006 – this war has left the people destroyed, with nothing to eat, yet the climates isn’t helping, being a semi desert, they can’t grow food at a fast rate. We can organize some great giving back to the community opportunities to impact the lives of children – former child soldiers and victims of atrocities and tie it all together with a safari.

Western Uganda near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and near Mgahinga National Park has the marginalized Batwa Pygmy Community and once again one can combine a week with assisting